NutraEffects – Radiance creams

Avon has a lot of special skin care lines, and NutraEffects are one of my personally favourite ones. Why? – you ask. Well first of all, their line is divided in four groups (Radiance, Ageless, Hydration and Balance) and they both have night and day creams in their groups. So, depending on the needs your skin has, you can choose a group, and purchase both day and night creams. That way, you can  give your skin enough nutrition and take care of it 24/7, no matter the needs.

Let’s start off with Radiance as a special NutraEffects group. I personally used their night cream and trust me, there isn’t something similar that can give your skin so much moisture overnight. My skin is very dry, but gets greasy over the day pretty easily. So, I personally use something mattifying over the day, and something to boost my hydrance at night. So, the NutraEffects Radiance Night Cream is just the thing for me. If your skin is dry and needs hydrating both night and day, than, this is the product for you too!

In the next section, I’ll explain more and give you insight on both of the creams, so you can decide if this is the thing you are looking for.

  • 1NutraEffects Radiance Day Cream (SPF 20) – the day cream is renewing your skin by promoting cell recovery. It also decreases discoloration and tiredness of the skin, while making it radiant, shiny and moisturized. It leaves you skin feeling non-greasy, but really energetic and fresh. It has a small shiny after-touch, but if you have naturally dry and dull skin, it won’t make any problems, but it would rather give some energy and radiance on it. It comes with SPF 20, so you don’t have to worry about sunbathing while doing your everyday tasks outside on sunny days. Also (like most of Avon products) it’s natural, without parabens and dyes, dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive or easily irritated skin. You can order your cream within minutes on this link.


  • 2NutraEffects Radiance Night Cream – having the same features as the day cream, it is designed to help your skin while you sleep. The Night Cream keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized, and after a longer, continued use – it will also fight discoloration of the skin. If your skin is naturally dry, then this cream will help you reduce your dehydration over the night hours, so in the morning – you’ll get a more hydrated and fresh facial skin. If your skin is oily, then I would recommend the Balance category of NutraEffects. And let me help you to the link where you can order the night cream.

If you want to boost your skins energy, this is the line of skin care that can make wonders for you. The “NutraEffects“ line is made of natural seeds that had been shown to help the skin. The Radiance category, for example, is made from the seeds of Strelitzia (also known as “Bird of paradise“ flower), native to South Africa. It has shown to reduce discoloration, to promote the natural color of the skin while hydrating it and making it more shiny and  healthy looking.

I hope that this review helped you in deciding whether this cream is suitable for your skin. If it is, give it a try and see how it works. If not, try some of the other NutraEffects categories (they have all shown to do a great job, if properly chosen). So, don’t wait and contact me (your favourite Avon representative :wink:) in order to purchase one or both of the NutraEffects Radiance creams. I guarantee you that they can do wonders for your skin (as they did for mine)!


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