Avon True Color Lipsticks

Since the first appearance of Avon as a company, their lipsticks were and will be one of the most sold items available. Having a lot of different types and brands of lipsticks, this time we’ll concentrate on ”True Color” alone, as one of brands that seems to keep a lot of ladies happy, all around the globe.

Avon’s ”True Color” brand has five different lipstick categories, all of them containing rich colors that last throughout the day, while retaining their silkiness and freshness. With just a small dose of fixing, their lipsticks can last up to 8-10 hours. Also, by having handful of shades and colors available, there is something for everyone’s taste – from bold and shiny, to nude and matte alternatives. So, let’s take a look at each of the different lipsticks and their specifics:

  • True Color Nourishing Lipstick – especially made for taking care of the lips, while giving them a nice color, this line is perfect for everyday use. Having a creamy, satin finish, this lipstick works perfectly, no matter the occasion or the overall style. It contains vitamin E, Jojoba oils, Collagen and Lanolin in order to provide moisture for your lips while you wear it and afterwards, once you take it off! It comes in ten different shades, so you can choose the one you like the most, or (if you can’t make up your mind) take all of them. Here you can look up and order your own ”True Color” nourishing lipstick.



  • 2Avon True Color Ultra Hydrating Lip Color – one of my personally favourite ones, the ultra hydrating lipstick is wax free with a creamy gel formula that doesn’t overwhelm your lips, but it rather gives them texture while keeping them smooth and moisturized. It comes in twelve different shades, meaning you can find the color you like and need. If you are like me and tend to get dry lips after wearing lipstick, then this is the thing that can give you both color and hydration. Take a look and order!


  • 3Avon True Color Bold Lipstick – color, color, color! Enhanced with 50% more pigments than the original formula, this lipstick is all about making bold statements. It also has a satin finish, but it’s heavier than the rest of the lipsticks on this list. I would recommend this one with a simple combination of clothes and minimal makeup on the face. No matter if you’re into bold makeup, or you don’t want to waste a lot of time in preparing , this is a lipstick that can be worn alone and still give a great impression. Look at the eight different shades or buy one right here.


  • 4Avon True Color Lipstick – being the first lipstick coming from the ”True Color” palette, this lipstick has two categories – satin and shimmer, so all in all you are able to choose from forty different shades. It also contains Omega-3,  Vitamin E and Shea Butter in order to provide enough hydration, while giving a great coverage and lasting color. Purchase one and see why it’s one of the most sold products of Avon.


  • Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick – the latest trend of wearing a matte lipstick, brought us the great shades of Avon Matte. Designed to leave a shineless touch, this lipstick gives the impression of a matte one, but without the cracking of the color or the dry feeling that matte lipsticks tend to leave. It’s perfect for styles where you want to have nice lips with color, but not drawn too much attention to them. It’s suitable for both day and night makeup and it goes well with every outfit you might wear. Personally, I haven’t taken off my Matte Avon since the day I got it. Order it now and see for yourself.

As ending words, let me tell you a philosophy of mine – no matter how many lipsticks you have, you don’t have enough of them. If you agree on my point of view, then we all know what’s next – buy yourself the preffered lipstick. Don’t wait and contact me in order to put another ”perfect color” lip-friend in your purse!


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