Avon Senses – the best body lotions out there

Spring and especially summer are looking for excessive skin care. From one side, the skin is far more dry because of sun exposure. On the other side, regular use of soaps and water can also dehydrate your skin. That’s why a lot of women are using body lotions to keep their skin silky, hydrated and healthy.

Avon has a few lines for skin care, but today we are concentrating on ”Avon Senses”, as one of the cheaper, yet effective body lotions that you can find. The products of the line can also be found as shower gels and body sprays, but we’ll talk about them in another post. For now, let me closely introduce you to the 5 lines of ”Senses” and hopefully help you in deciding what kind of care are you taking this summer. Let’s start:

  • 1Avon Senses Pomegranate and Mango – made from juicy pomegranates and mangoes, this body lotion will keep you skin silky and hydrated for more than 30 hours. If you like some tropical sense on your skin, this lotion right here, is just the thing for your summer care. Take a look and order it through this link.


  • 2Avon Senses Cherry Blossoms – next on our list is this beautiful combined lotion with essence of cherry blossoms, apples and red berries. If you want feminine and gentle fragrances, than this is the lotion you are looking for. More than just the scent, this lotion will keep your skin hydrated and soft through your day. Take a look and order it right here.


  • 3Avon Senses Green Tea and Verbena – my personally favourite, this body lotion is fresh and relaxing. It contains vitamins E and C, and shea butter in order to provide all the hydration your body skin needs. Its creamy formula is easy to apply, doesn’t get sticky and is easily absorbed. Don’t wait, order this fresh body lotion through this link.


  • 4Avon Senses Vanilla – one of the oldest and most used body lotions of Avon, this one didn’t let down any of its users. Made from vanilla, brown sugar and sheer woods, this particular lotion leaves a nice, silky skin enriched with feminine, cozy smell of vanilla. Pretty light and easy to apply, this lotion deserves all of the attention it gets. Don’t wait any longer, take a look and order it right here.


  • 5Avon Senses Cucumber and Melon – The last lotion of the line, made with scents of cucumber and melon is a fine mix of refreshing, yet gentle smell. Perfect for summer, this lotion leaves silky and hydrated skin with nice scent – a combination that you simply can’t refuse. As all other lotions it comes bottled in 8.4 fl. oz. , with a nice cap for easy application. This link will give you a better look and an option for ordering.


Those are the 5 lines of ”Avon Senses” body lotions, a thing that every woman must have through the summer. Even though they all contribute to silky and hydrated skin, their scents are different. So, feel free to choose the smell that you like best and contact me right away in order to get your body lotion. This summer take care of your skin with the rich body lotions of ”Avon Senses”, trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


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