New Sterling Silver Rings

Avon’s Jewelry has always been made with a lot of care and dedication. Its unique designs and quality don’t fail to amaze women all around the globe. That’s why, in today’s post we’re dedicating some time to Avon’s Sterling Silver Rings. They just came up with a new line that is more than perfect.

Being made with over 92% silver purity these rings are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, meaning you won’t get anything that isn’t safe for your skin or leaves color after some time. They are also pretty valuable and you know that once you get them, you’ll have them for years to come and occasions where you can show them.

The other great thing about these rings is that they are made with unique simulated semi-precious stones, so you get great colors to combine with your clothes.

Let’s take a look on them individually and I’ll try to give some ideas on what you could wear them with:

  • 1Sterling Silver Classic Simulated Opal Ring – the ring is pretty detailed and interesting, reminds me of calm ocean waves. The stone is blue (as you would expect for an opal to be). The combination overall reminds me of summer and beaches, so I think that this jewelry would go perfect with a summer dress, no matter if it’s a classy one or something more casual. Overall, a nice ring that can give a beautifully detailed touch to your appearance.  Take a look and don’t hesitate to order it through this link.


  • 2Sterling Silver Beautifully Simulated Sapphire Ring – oh, the classics! Made pretty simple, yet effective, this ring has some white stones around the main semi-precious stone. The stone itself is in a beautiful deep blue shade, just the thing you would like for an evening outfit. Even though you could wear this with everyday combinations, imagine how good it would look with an evening maxi dress, for a special occasion or a cocktail party. One of my favourites, this ring is simple, classy and extravagant in only one piece. If you don’t believe me, believe your eyes – take a look and order it here .


  • 3Sterling Silver Fancy Genuine Citrine Ring – another simple, yet beautiful ring, this time with a nice citrine semi-stone. Tear shaped, in deep yellow color, the stone is just what you would like in summer. Its warm color makes it perfect both for day and evening outfits. It would draw attention to your hands, without being the most memorable thing on you. Take a look for yourself and order it right away, you won’t regret it.


  • 4Sterling Silver Beautifully Simulated Turquoise Ring – another bright blue stone in the center of a greatly symmetrical ring. This one also resembles weaves, in more of a gentle way – perfect for accessorizing your gala/evening dress. The bright blue stone also makes it good for daily outfits, as long as they are simple and give space for the stone to shine and draw attention. If you like this one best, order it in just a few simple steps by following this link.


  • 5Sterling Silver Everlasting Love Ring – last, but not least on this link, I represent you something simple and crafted perfectly. The stone is white, which makes it perfect for daily use, combined with everything you might want to wear. Because the stone isn’t so vivid, the ring around it is pretty complex and made with tons of details. Round stone within a circle of smaller stones, this ring is perfect for every occasion and different outfits. You could even wear it daily and don’t take it off for a longer period of time! Here, follow the link and buy yourself some everlasting love.

We’ve came to the end of another list. I hope that my review was useful to you and that you’ve found the perfect ring for your outfit or occasion. If that’s the case, contact me and I’ll make sure that you get it as soon as possible. Also, don’t hesitate to talk to me regarding any other product of Avon or any possible questions you might have.

I’m here to help you wear your inner beauty for the outside with Avon!


Avon ”Necklace and Earrings” sets

Avon grew as a company, and with that, their products and lines grew simultaneously. Starting small and only with a few products, now it has lines with makeup, fragrances, jewelry and clothes among other things.

Today, we’ll take a look on some of the most purchased sets that contain both necklaces and earrings. The good thing about sets is that you buy them together so you never have to decide how to combine them or do they look good together. Plus, you save money, because as a set, you pay for the whole thing, and not each one individually.

The jewelry that Avon makes is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and mostly silvered, so you don’t have to worry about rashes or any other kind of problems with the skin. What you see is what you get, made with a lot of care and with details that will leave you breathless. So, let me take you on a journey through some of the best sets that are available. Hopefully, you’ll choose the one you like best and contact me right away in order to get it as soon as possible. Here we go:

  • 1Precious Angel Set – somewhat abstract representation of angels, this set is made of 16 1/2″ long necklace with 3 1/2″ extender and a set of 1″ drop earrings. A great set for a feminine touch to your style. You can get it here.



  • Mint Sorbet Set – as the name tells it, a great minty color stones and goldtone details that are great for the spring season. The necklace alone is 16 1/2″ L with a 3 1/2″ extender, with stones of approximately 11/16″ x 9/16, all in all with a weight of 16 grams. The stud earrings have 9/16″ x 1/2″ stones on them weighing 8 grams.  Purchase them right here.


  • 3.jpgSpring Romance Set – as the name tells it, they are perfect for spring outfit. The necklace is a long one, 26″ L with a 3 1/2″ L extender. The earrings are with a 1 1/2″ drop. All in all, a pretty big combination that goes great with some simple spring outfit. Plus, they come in with two available colors, black and red ones. Take a look and buy them through this link.



  • Pure Elegance Pearlesque Cluster Set – The necklace is with a Y shape, 18″ L with 3 1/2″ extender. The earrings are 1″ long drops, with the same characteristics as the necklace. Don’t wait any second more and get them here.


  • 5Sunshine Disc Set – simple, yet effective, this set is made to be worn with everything. It doesn’t have a lot of details, but it’s pretty big and shiny, so it gives a bold impression while keeping it simple. The necklace is 16 1/2″ L with 3 1/2″ extender and the pierced earrings are with a 1″ drop. As you already know, follow this link to buy them.



  • Tropical Breeze Statement Set – Last on our list is this beautiful set that is pretty big and bold: 18 1/2″ long necklace with a 3 1/2″ extender and 1″  drop earrings. Having three different colors on it, it’s perfect if you want to give your simple outfit a nice final touch of bold elegance. Don’t wait, clink the link and purchase it.


That’s that. Even though Avon has a lot of jewelry, I’ve chosen the ones that are perfect for spring and summer outfits, giving everything you wear a nice finish touch. If you found anything you like (and I’m sure you did), contact me and I’ll make sure that you can start wearing your perfect set in no time.