Anew Platinum Creams

Some of Avon’s most used products are the Anew Lines. Made especially for taking care of older or exhausted skin, their products are divided in several groups allowing you to choose which line is the best fit for you, based on your skin performances.

Today we’ll do a review on the Platinum line. It comes in a nice glass container with purple package. This line has a Day cream, Night cream and Eye & Lip Cream. Their patented Paxillium Technology boost’s natural paxillium in the skin to give more life to the cells, renewing them and optimizing their performances.

Both the night cream and the day cream are also available in Travel sizes, meaning with a smaller weight of 0.5 oz. (the links will bring you to their Avon’s page). Let’s go through each of the products performances and see how they can help your skin:

  • 1Anew Platinum Night Cream – long term results of the night cream are reduced wrinkles and lines on the neck and jaw, around the lips and eyes, lifted cheeks and overall reduction on sagged skin. It also fights discolorations overnight, while making your skin smooth and silky. It makes your skin lifted, firm and smooth after a short 2 to 4 weeks use. Used on a regular basis, works as a anti-aging miracle for facial skin. Look it up on Avon through this link.


  • 2Anew Platinum Day Cream – it has the similar performances as the night cream, with a SPF 25 to prevent further sun damage. Based on the Paxillium Avon Technology the day cream fights discolorations and wrinkles, while also leaving a nice, smooth, hydrated touch when applied. The Day cream (as well as all the other creams on this list) is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. Order your Anew Platinum Day Cream right through this link.


  • 3Anew Platinum Eye & Lip Cream – Another product based on the Paxillium Technology, designed especially for taking care of the wrinkles and lines around the eyes and mouth. It brings defined contours, fills lines up to make the skin smooth and lifted, and gives an overall youthful look on the face. It also comes with dual-tip applicator, that has rounded silvery point on one side designed to cool the eyes area, and flat point on the other side, made perfectly for applying the cream around and on the lips. Buy this great everyday lifter on the site.


So, those are the three Platinum creams available on Avon (five if you count the smaller packages of the day and night cream). It’s recommended to use the whole line for best results. Even though it has a complicated formula to fight wrinkles, this line is suitable for sensitive skin. If in any case, you feel a tingling sensation when applying (it happens to women with very sensitive skin) try waiting 10 to 15 minutes between washing your face and applying the cream or try using it less frequently on the beginning, until your face gets used to the formula.

This line is one of Avon’s most used ones because the formula has shown to do miracles after a few days of use. Furthermore, ┬álots of the users continue to apply it regularly after they first purchased it, so they get an overall healthier skin, without discolorations and with a lot of lifting. If you too want to enjoy the advantages that these creams allow, contact me through my Avon profile and buy yourself some or all of the Anew Platinum creams. I promise, they’re worth it!