Avon Sandal Heels perfect for spring and summer

So, our new post will be all about heels. Avon has a few lines of shoes and their heels are one of the most selled fashion lines. So, in this post I’ll present to you four of the best heels they have, their quality and what you can wear them with.

Stay with me and read my list. I promise that you’ll fall in love with these beauties and you’ll want them in your closet as soon as possible. Here we go:

  • 1Strappy Day-to-Night Sandal – beautifully inspired from the Italian spring, these sandals have red leather-look alike material,¬†3 1/4″ high heels and adjustable ankle strap and back zippers to make them easier to put on and take off. Furthermore, these sandals have Cushion Walk (special technology for footwear comfort) padded heel. Because of their bright red color I would recommend wearing them with a dress with the same color, or something monochromatic. ¬†They would also go great with jeans and denim, as long as the top is black or white. All in all, these sandals would be perfect for summer outfits where you put the simplest clothes and want to give a bold touch to it with your footwear. Don’t wait any longer, get your pair of Day-to-Night through this link.


  • 2Embossed Chunky Heel – another Italian Spring inspired footwear, these heels have black faux-snakeskin leather-like top, a 3″ high chunky heel and sliding strap with adjustable side buckle closure for easy wearing. As the previous pair of sandals, these also have Cushion Walk padded heel, so that makes them perfect for wearing them throughout the day. Being black makes them perfect for all kinds of styles and occasions, different colors and patterns, and suitable for long wearing and comfortable to make walking good. Here, this is the link through which you can order them.


  • 3Nice Shot Sling Back Pumps – faux leather sling back sandals, this time with olive and navy blue shades and mirrored octagonal heel. Chic and playful, these sandals are perfect for warm spring and summer days. They have a buckle at the ankle strap, so they are also pretty easy to put on and take of. The front part is crisscrossed and that gives them a beautiful, yet simple touch, suitable for work outfits and suits. You could also wear them with something more casual as long as the shades are compatible with the ones of the sandal. Follow this link and order them as soon as possible.


  • 4Peekaboo Lace-Up Sandal – last, but not least, on our list we have another black pair. With open toes, back zipper for easy access and adjustable laces to make a perfect fit for your foot, these sandals won’t fail to astonish you. They have triangular cuts as details, leather-like upper part and 3″ heel. They would be perfect on jeans, but are also suitable for any other outfit that isn’t too detailed. All in all, spring heels that will give great touch to any outfit you choose, while keeping you comfortable throughout the day. Don’t wait, order your pair through this link.

So, here we are – the end of yet another post. I hope I helped you on your decision to buy new sandals for the spring. I also hope that you’ve found the right pair on this list and I’ll be the honored person to order them for you. Don’t wait, contact me and I’ll make sure you get them as soon as possible.

Spring demands good footwear and Avon (through me) comes to the rescue!