Avon True Color Manicure Care

In this post we will dedicate some time to nail care. Avon has a long history of making nail polishes, but in today’s post we will concentrate on something else. The topic I chose is Manicure Care and I’ll present to you Avon True Color base coat, top coat, cuticle conditioner and multi benefit BB nail enamel. Let’s start and take a look at them:

  • 1Avon True Color Cuticle Conditioner – a concentrated serum, a gel formula full with vitamins C and E. It’s especially made to hydrate and soften the cuticles around your nails in order to make them easier for removing or trimming. You can apply it either on bare nail or on polished ones, as you prefer. After a few minutes, the conditioner will soften your cuticles, so they will be easy to push back with a manicure stick. If you need to take care of the excessive and rough cuticles around your nails, this is a product just for you. Take a look and order it through this link.


  • 2Avon True Color Base Coat – a base gel enriched with keratin and protein. It has a gel-like shine so you can even use it alone as sheer pink nail polish. It increases nail strength, gives them a healthy shine, while making them hard and smooth. It’s primary use is as a base coat, in order to provide nail protection from yellowing or breaking. If you want to protect your nails before applying some nail polish, don’t look any further, this is the thing for you! Here you go, a link that will help you order it.


  • 3Avon True Color Top Coat – next on our list is this nail polish protector. It makes your nail polish more shining, with a glossy touch. Plus, its formula  is made to make your enamel less prone to fading, falling off or yellowing. It’s also perfect for stand alone use if your nails are brittle and damaged. I assure you, you are going to love it as much as I do! Here, take a look and order it right away.


  • 4Avon True Color Multi Benefit BB Nail Enamel – last on our list is the Avon True Color all in one enamel. Made with a combined formula of both a base coat and a top coat, this nail polish leaves your nail with rich colors with just one coat. It made to promote strength, protection and rich color, while filling imperfections, preventing yellowing and discoloration. It’s also enriched with vitamins C and E  and UV filters. And, the thing that we all love about Avon – it comes it three different colors. All you ever needed for your nails is here in just one pack. The following link will allow you to order it.

There you go! I hope that I’ve helped you with your choice to buy something healthy for your nails this spring. Avon True Color can really boost the health of your nails, while keeping them shiny and nicely colored. Don’t wait any second longer and contact me in order to get the proper manicure care for your nails.